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New 6.0.0 release
The new version of the SGBox platform has been released. The update introduces several new features, which further enhance the user experience and enrich the platform modules.
// what is sgbox

The unified SIEM and SOAR Platform to manage ICT Security

SGBox is an all-in-one, modular and scalable SIEM and SOAR platform that allows you to protect your IT infrastructure by effectively counteracting any type of cyber threat.

SGBox has as its objective the centralized collection of logs, the analysis, the correlation and the monitoring of a large number of data coming from every type of source, in compliance with privacy regulations.

Dashboard SGBox
Network Visibility

Network security posture from a single point of view.

Security Analytics

Detect and investigate threats with advanced analytics.

Integrity Monitoring

Track authorized change to sensitive data.


Audit trail for users, processes and policies.

SGBox - Next Generation SIEM & SOAR Platform

Predictable Price, Unlimited Data.

The first SIEM at a predicable price and trasparent licensing model.
The license cost is based on the total number of devices sending logs, not on the obsolete volume of data or event per second (EPS) count.

Features of SGBox Platform

SGBox SIEM & SOAR at the heart of Governance

SGBox is an easy to use, effective and reliable tool that has unique features.

SGBox is based on the concept of modularity. All modules of the platform work in synergy to provide a simple and intuitive interface to monitor the security status of your network, and promptly detect potential threats.

SGBox - Next Generation SIEM & SOAR Platform
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Cybersecurity Products


Centralized collection, correlation and analysis of data from different sources.

Incident Management

Management of incidents and anomalies detected by the other modules of the platform.


Automate security processes by enabling rapid and effective response to attacks.

Log Management

Collection of any type of log in accordance with privacy regulations.

Cloud SIEM

Leverage the power of SIEM with the flexibility of the Cloud.

User Behavior Analytics

Analysis and monitoring of user behavior and intervention in case of anomalies.

Advanced Event Search

Detailed information on problems encountered on the network.

Threat Intelligence Feed

Analysis of intelligence feeds to prevent threats before they occur.

Network Vulnerability Scanner

Identify vulnerabilities and wrong configurations in your IT infrastructure.

File Integriry

File integrity and anomalies monitoring.

Active Directory Auditor

Active Directory status monitoring.

Event Correlation

Creates correlation rules to reduce reaction times to a threat.

UI/UX Design

Build the product you need on time with an experienced team that uses a clear and effective design process.

Dedicated Team

Build the product you need on time with an experienced team that uses a clear and effective design process.

// indirect channel

Partners Network Worldwide

SGBox provides all the functionality of the platform thanks to a solid and dynamic business with partner companies, through a 100% indirect channel.

The aim of the Partnerships is to strengthen the expertise in the different areas of competence, to ensure high quality standards in support and customer service.

Our Partnership program is built on 3 levels, and offers many advantages.

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Intehrations for
every type of technology

// managed cybersecurity services


CyberTrust 365 is the SGBox Business Unit dedicated to offering Managed Security Services, ranging from simple 1-tier support for evolutionary maintenance to the Managed SIEM and SOC H24 service, for maximum protection from cyber attacks.

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