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Detect, Verify and Resolve Network Performance Issues

Through the Advanced Event Search module, SGBox provides real-time devices health monitoring and offers detailed insights into various problematic areas of the network. 

The monitoring capability has been designed to complete the SGBox SIEM & SOAR platform preventing devices fail and allowing the support team to drill down to the root cause of the issues.

// easily view problems on the IT network

Increase service level and reduce downtime

Downtime can be costly. Get to the source of the problem before your servers fail. 

You can effectively and comprehensively manage your network performance and be able to take action before your service levels and business go down.

Advanced Event Search

The advantages offered by SGBox

Personalized Dashboard and Widgets

The real-time performance graphs can be configured as dashboard widgets to let you see live performance trends as soon as they login.

Open Monitoring System

Monitor all the systems and devices in your IT infrastructure. You can deploy multiple monitoring probes maintaining centralized management.

Ready and Easy-to-use

SGBox is a powerful and easy-to-use solution, which is suitable for businesses of all sizes. All main protocols are supported, there is no need for additional plugins or downloads.

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