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Why choose Cloud SIEM?

SGBox’s Cloud SIEM takes advantage of the full potential of Security Information and Event Management (SIEM), with the flexibility and ease of use of the Cloud in saas mode (Software as a Service).

Cloud SIEM eliminates management costs by storing data hosted in the SGBox Cloud, unlike an on-premise system that keeps data within organizations and requires additional hardware to be installed.

Combat cyber threats with agility

With the SGBox Cloud, you can implement custom integrations between your existing architecture and the new SIEM.

They can also be used to improve organization security and proactively respond to threats.

The flexibility and ease of management of the Cloud saves costs and maintenance time of the IT infrastructure.

The advantages of Cloud SIEM

Cloud SIEM di SGBox monitora e testa diverse attività per assicurarsi che le difese siano sempre attive e aggiornate.

Team of Experts

The knowledge of our experts allows you to develop an IT security project quickly, eliminating the need to train internal staff.

No Hardware Needed

The cloud-based system eliminates the need for physical infrastructure such as storage and servers dedicated to the SIEM, thus facilitating deployment.

Continuous Monitoring

SGBox Cloud infrastructure and services are always monitored by our expert team. All issues will always be under control.

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