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Cyber Security and SMEs: the current state of play

Cyber Security and SMEs

The State of Cyber Security in Italian SMEs

According to a study conducted by Grenke Italia, a staggering 72.7% of Italian companies have never undertaken any Cyber Security training activities

Furthermore, 73.3% are unfamiliar with ransomware attacks, 43% lack a designated cybersecurity officer, 26% are almost devoid of protective systems, and only one in four companies (22%) maintains a segmented network for enhanced security.

These figures underscore the pressing need for raising awareness on the critical issue of cybersecurity. They also emphasize the urgency of guiding companies through the process of developing a robust security strategy.

In today’s landscape, cybersecurity for SMEs should not be viewed as an “optional” expense but rather as a key investment with tangible returns over time.

Future Challenges: investing in Education

Understanding the importance of adopting a robust defense strategy against cyberattacks is the first step in safeguarding sensitive corporate data.

  • Employee Training: the study reveals that a majority of the surveyed companies do not provide their employees with training courses on recognizing and preventing cyberattacks.

Three out of four SMEs admit to not knowing what a ransomware attack is, let alone understanding phishing, despite these being among the most frequently encountered threats.

  • Choosing the Right Cyber Security Solution: developing a security strategy necessitates the implementation of a solution capable of safeguarding data infrastructure.

The convergence of IT and OT domains is leading to an increased production of data, elevating the risk of cyberattacks.

 Reducing response time to an attack and improving incident management are crucial factors for ensuring business operational continuity.

The SGBox Platform for SMEs: benefits

In response to these challenges, SGBox, the Business Unit of SecureGate dedicated to developing cybersecurity products, aims to play a leading role in educating companies and providing them with the most effective tools to protect their IT infrastructure.

SGBox is the Next Generation SIEM & SOAR platform that integrates information collection, correlation, analysis, proactive response, and advanced incident management into a single solution.

SGBox’s goal is to enhance corporate security posture through customized solutions based on the actual IT security needs of businesses. This is made possible by the modular architecture of the platform and its distinctive features.

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