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Continuity of health services

In the health sector, one of the most discussed issues is the anonymization of data.

With increasing digitization of medical information and the adoption of interconnected devices, cyber threats can endanger patient privacy, compromise clinical data, and disrupt health services.

It is essential to adopt a reliable cybersecurity platform to protect device data and ensure compliance with privacy regulations.

SGBox protects Device Data

SGBox platform provides multiple ways to protect the sensitive data.

Access control

Granular data access management, allowing only authorized personnel to view and edit relevant information. Implementing an authentication system and role-based access controls reduces the risk of unauthorized access.

Data encryption

Data encryption is a crucial element to protect medical information during transfer and storage. SGBox uses advanced encryption algorithms to ensure that data is unreadable to unauthorized persons.

Threats monitoring and detection

SGBox constantly monitors network activities and devices to identify abnormal behavior or potential attacks. Real-time threat detection helps you respond quickly and mitigate the effects of attacks.

Protection against device vulnerabilities

Cyberattacks in healthcare often target connected medical devices. SGBox identifies and fixes device vulnerabilities, ensuring they are protected from external intrusions.

Types of cyber attacks in the healthcare sector

The healthcare sector is particularly vulnerable to various types of cyber attacks, including:

Data breach

Attacks aimed at obtaining sensitive medical information can lead to the disclosure of patient data, resulting in a breach of privacy and potential security risks.


This type of attack encrypts data and demands a ransom to restore access. Attackers can take critical health information hostage, jeopardizing continuity of care.


Attackers may send fraudulent emails or messages to trick healthcare personnel into revealing login credentials or installing malware.

Attacks on health infrastructure

Targeted attacks on critical infrastructure, such as hospital management systems or networks, can disrupt services and compromise the quality of care.

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Advantages of using SGBox platform

Protection of patients data
Protection of patients data
It ensures that patient health information is protected from unauthorized access or data breaches.
Compliance with privacy regulations
Compliance with privacy regulations
It helps to prevent business interruptions and ensures trouble-free business continuity.
Continuity of hospital care
Continuity of hospital care
Data protection and cyber-attack prevention ensure the continuity of health services, avoiding interruptions in patient care.
Integrity of reputation
Integrity of reputation
Manufacturing companies must comply with specific rules and regulations. SGBox can help you meet compliance requirements and adopt best practices in data security.