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What is File Integrity?

File integrity, as a fundamental principle of data security, implies that the data contained in files or storage systems is not subject to unauthorized manipulation or alteration.

In other words, your data must be protected from unwanted changes or corruption, which could compromise its accuracy and reliability.

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The crucial role of the SGBox SIEM

File integrity monitoring allows you to detect unwanted changes in your business data in real time and quickly alert your security team in case of anomalies.

In this context, a SIEM (Security Information and Event Management) solution such as SGBox plays a crucial role. 

SGBox not only provides broad visibility into file server activities and connected storage devices, but also provides advanced tools to monitor file integrity and protect against internal and external threats.

The benefits of File Integrity

Here are the ways in which the SGBox platform SIEM & SOAR guarantees the File Integrity:

Detailed Monitoring

SGBox accurately records who accesses files, what changes are made, who reads or deletes files, allowing complete monitoring of file activities.

Anomalies Detection

SGBox’s advanced features can automatically detect abnormal behavior, such as unauthorized changes or massive file deletions, and report potential threats in a timely manner.

Events Correlation

SGBox correlates information from various sources, allowing you to detect suspicious activity and threats through data analysis.

Alert and Response

When detecting unauthorized activity or threats, SGBox issues immediate alerts and allows you to take proactive measures to protect file integrity, such as blocking responsible users.

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