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Continuity of financial services

The financial sector is one of the targets most affected by cyber attacks. 

The development of IoT devices and the use of mobile banking by customers has led to a rapid increase in the attack surface.

Financial institutions handle a vast amount of high-value sensitive data, including personal and financial information of customers.

The biggest challenge is to proactively protect the assets of sensitive data by optimizing the operational efficiency of the services offered to consumers, in compliance with data use regulations.

How SGBox protects device data

SGBox’s SIEM and SOAR capabilities offer different ways of protecting sensitive data for all transactions that are performed in the financial sector.

Transaction protection

SGBox deploys encrypted and authentication protocols to protect online financial transactions. This ensure that sensitive information are protected during the transfer between customers, banks and other financial actors.

Threats monitoring

SGBox can constantly monitor device and network activities to detect suspicious behavior or potential attacks. Proactive monitoring helps you detect and mitigate threats in real time, minimizing potential damage.

Access control

It can manage access to data and financial systems, allowing only authorized personnel to access sensitive information. Implementing multi-factor authentication and role-based controls reduces the risk of unauthorized access.

Protection against financial fraud

Financial transactions are often targeted by fraud, such as identity theft or unauthorized transactions. SGBox can implement advanced anti-fraud solutions, such as anomaly monitoring or artificial intelligence, to detect and prevent fraud.

Types of cyber attacks in the financial sector


Attackers send fraudulent emails or messages to trick recipients into revealing personal or financial information, such as bank account login credentials.


Malware can be used to compromise devices or financial networks, allowing attackers to steal information or control systems remotely.

DDoS attacks

Distributed Denial of Service (ddos) attacks aim to overload financial systems with a high amount of traffic, making them inaccessible and causing service disruptions.

Data breaches

Data breaches can lead to the unauthorized disclosure of sensitive financial information, putting customer privacy and the reputation of financial institutions at risk.

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Advantages of using SGBox

Sensitive data protection
Sensitive data protection
The effective cybersecurity SGBox platform protects sensitive financial data, reducing the risk of breaches and fraud.
Customer trust
Customer trust
Cybersecurity is critical to maintaining customer trust. SGBox protects your data and prevents cyber attacks by engaging in security and privacy.
Continuity of operations
Continuity of operations
The protection of financial data and the prevention of cyber attacks contribute to the continuity of financial operations, avoiding service disruptions and ensuring a seamless customer experience.
Compliance with regulations
Compliance with regulations
Financial institutions must comply with strict privacy and data security regulations, such as the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) or the PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard). SGBox helps meet these complex regulatory requirements.