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A new version of SGBox that introduce new features has been released. The most relevant are Threat Intelligence Queries that allows you to perform the LCE Rules faster and a dashboard management page.
Here the details of this release’s features.

[icon color=”accent-color” size=”small” image=”fa-search-plus”]Threat Intelligence Queries has been introduced. Visit Knowledge Base for more details.
[icon color=”accent-color” size=”small” image=”fa-bar-chart”]A score has been added to LCE rules, sensors and queries to immediately show incidents in “Risk analysis” dashboards.
[icon color=”accent-color” size=”small” image=”fa-files-o”]LCE Rules and Sensors can now be cloned.
[icon color=”accent-color” size=”small” image=”fa-tags”]Dashboards can be tagged for a better accessibility.
[icon color=”accent-color” size=”small” image=”fa-sitemap”]A new page Manage Dashboards has been introduced in order to share dashboards between user, clone and copy dashboars, manage tags. Visit the Knowledge Base for details.
[icon color=”Accent-Color” size=”small” image=”fa-stethoscope”]Various fixes

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