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In this article are described the steps to connect the Qualys probe to SGBox.
Qualys is Cloud platform, but you can download a probe in order to scan your local IP. You need to connect the probe with the your cloud and then  SGBox with your cloud. Here are described the steps:


Download Qualys probe

You can download the lastest Qualys probe from the customer portal:
Minimum requirements are 4 CPU Core, 8 GB di RAM e 56GB HDD. For any further help, please refer to this KB.
Start the probe and assign an IP. 

Configure a Qualys probe for SGBox


it needs to reach internet in order to connect it with Qualys cloud. You have to enter your code or the numeric code provided by SGBox

Configure a Qualys probe for SGBox
Portal connection

NVS > Configuation > Access

Enter your URL, User and Password or the information provided by SGBox

Configure a Qualys probe for SGBox
Create Qualys probe on SGBox

SCM > Network > Probe

You need to enter the following parameters

  • the probe private IP
  • choose Qualys Scanner for NVS as Probe type
  • choose the managed networks
Configure a Qualys probe for SGBox
Create an asset for Qualys scan

SCM > Network > Asset

Create and asset visible in NVS Module:

  • select the hosts target to the scan
  • select NVS as module
  • choose the Qualys policy you want to use