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Create a new test script

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The test scripts

These scripts are used to perform check and evaluate the health of your network. Below is explained how to configure a simple script that makes a ping to check if the machine is up or down.


  • the host must be present in the section SCM > Network > Host.

Connect at the SGBox web interface.
SGBox > SM > Configuration

Select Script.

Click on New Script Test to create a new script.
Once you open the configuration window, select the host on which you want to make the test.

On section Email Alert select the user who should be notified when a problem occur.
In Frequency section, specify every how many minutes the check will be perform.
Below are some values to be set when the check fails:
For N times: set the number of times you want to retry the check before changes state.
Every N Seconds: specify every how many seconds the re-check will be perform.
Alert after N Failures: After these number of failures the state will be changed ( from OK to CRITICAL for example ).
Click on Next to go to the next step.

Select a Default Script from the list. In our case we will select Ping Report.
Select a Probe, that is the machine that will perform the check. If SGBox will run the test (as in our case): select SGBox. If you are in a distributed environment or MultiTenant environment and the collector will run the test: select the collector instead SGBox.
Click on Add button.

Click on Save button to finish.

We have configured the test script.