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Create customer access

You can give the end user access to his own tenant. In order to do that: log in as SGBox
manager or SGBox admin, from
SCM > Multi tenant > Manager select TENANTS. The list of the managed tenants appears, choose the tenant and click on RESET in the “admin password” column. 

Now the end user can login is his tenant using the following credentials:
Create end user access
username: admin
password: 48n09ZPD93
tenant: documentation

In this example the end user “admin” will be administrator of his own tenant. If the end
users doesn’t need administrative access to his tenant, you should connect to the tenant (by
pressing the “admin” link) and create a new user inside the tenant itself, since it’s not
possible to create non-administrative tenant users in this interface. All users created with
this interface are relative to the “sgbox” tenant and should be considered as administrators.