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Directory Import

This feature is used to upload file to SGBox using SFTP or SMB protocol.


  • SGBox version 5.1.0

First of all check your connection with log user. Credential has been set during the first wizard.
From a terminal like software (PuTTY). Move from the local folder to the “import” directory and create the application folder. Then assign the right privileges.

Directory Import

From LM > Configuration > Directory Import select “New Import“. The folder you created must be visible in the list.

Directory Import

You can upload files on SGBox using SFTP o SMB protocols.
!Note: The SMB protocol is not active by default. You need to active it using the CLI command.

In our example we upload a sample file in SFTP.

Directory Import

From the web interface you can see the uploaded file.

Directory Import

We suggest  to set up:

  • the IP and Name of the machine. After imported the logs will be associated to the specified host.
  • Put Active to ON in order to start the import.
  • Select Generic filter from the filter list. This is used to identify the timestamp in your logs.

If everything worked fine you will see the logs appear in the next window.

Directory Import

SGBox will check for new logs every minutes.

Directory Import

Directory Import

You can see the logs in LM > Analysis > Historical Search.

You can also download from here the sample file:
[button color=”accent-color” hover_text_color_override=”#fff” size=”small” url=”” text=”Download sample file” color_override=””]