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How to export SGBox GPG Key

This articles explain how to export the SGBox private and public keys in order to decipher your logs out of SGBox.


  • SGBox version 4.2.0 or later.
  • Only the default Admin user can export the key.
  • The supervisor password must be set in SCM > Advanced Options, Supervisor Password.
    • Note: In case the previously set password is lost. customers are asked to open a ticket to SGBox support via the ticket platform( by entering “Password Change for Supervisor” in the subject of the ticket.

From SGBox go to SCM > Applications
Due to SoD restriction, keys are not available by default. You need to send an email to and asking for unlock it.
Export SGBox GPG Key

Once unlocked a new section Tools appears. Go to SCM > Applications > Tools
Install the application GPG key export and click PLAY button.
Export SGBox GPG Key

Insert the Supervisor password and the keys will be shown.
Take your time to copy and store them in a safe place.
Export SGBox GPG Key

Here couple of examples of how to decrypt logs: Log decryption