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Enable Audit login

to enable the global logging feature you must execute this command as query inside database:

SET GLOBAL general_log = 'on'

Enable Advanced Audit

Inside the DB you must execute these commands as query inside database in order to enable the full audit feature:

INSTALL SONAME 'server_audit';
SET GLOBAL server_audit_logging=ON;
SET GLOBAL server_audit_events = 'CONNECT,QUERY,TABLE';
SET GLOBAL server_audit_output_type = 'SYSLOG';

This will enable the correct plugin to record the advanced MariaDB audit

Check Configuration Audit

To check the correct application of the configuration, you can execute this query:


Disable Audit

In case you need to disable the audit of the logs, you need to execute this command:

UNINSTALL SONAME 'server_audit';

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