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Multiclass Analysis

The Multiclass Analysis is usefull when you need to show a subset of the collected information. In this tool you can use regex to filter the different information. Following the release of version 6.0.0 please go to the link:


  • SGBox Version 4.2.1.


  • You need show all the user that starts with admin_
  • You need to exclude temporary files
  • You need to filter specific events or categories

After the information are collected and shown in Class/Pattern Analysis, you can go on LM > Configuration > Multi-class Analysis.

Multiclass Analysis

Select the interested Classes, hosts, Patterns and at the end the apply your filter:
Multiclass Analysis

in the previous example we have:

  • Filtered the HttpURL that ends with / in order to identify the page name
  • Excluded all the HTTPUser-agent that have the word bot or crawler

You can save your search as Template or produce a report directly from here.

You can also create a dashboard on the filtered values: from SCM > Dashboard > Dashboard. Select Dashboard > Create New Dashboard > New Widget then Multiclass Analysis from the provided menu.
Multiclass Analysis

Select the saved Template to create the dashboard:
Multiclass Analysis