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The profile panel allows you to manage the profiles.

Main Page

Profile Panel - functionalities and usage
The Main Page displays the name and the description of the profiles.
  1. Actions box
    • Select All: Selects all the profiles in the table.
    • Multiple Editing: Opens a dialog for multiple editing of selected profiles.
    • Remove: Opens a dialog for profiles removal.
  2. Filter box
    • Input field: Filters the entire table based on the entered value, which is compared with all the cells.
    • Pin Icon: Pins the filter after a hypothetical reload.
  3. Table Actions box:
    • Plus icon: Opens a dialog to add a new profile
    • .CSV: Downloads the table in CSV format.
    • .XLS: Downloads the table in XLS format.
  4. Edit icon: Opens a container for Profile Editing

New Profile

Profile Panel - functionalities and usage
This dialog allow for adding a profile. The user needs to enter the name and choose at least one page . If desired, the user can insert the description yet.
  1. Name: it is the name of the profile.
  2. Description: It is the description of the profile.
  3. Pages Section: This section allows you to choose one or more pages to be associated to the profile. You can use the switch (4) to enable all the pages of the level below.

You can select the pages by clicking on the page rows. If you want to create some spaces, you can click on the module, and their visibility will toggle.

Edit Profile

Profile Panel - functionalities and usage
The operation is exactly the same as the New Profile. You can change any field.
In order to apply the changes click on the Save button.

Multiple Editing

Profile Panel - functionalities and usage
Multiple Editing allows you to modify the description and the associated pages. It shows a “Used for” popover containing the associated profile as a reminder.
In order to apply the changes, click on the Save button.

Delete Profile

Profile Panel - functionalities and usage
To delete multiple profiles, first select one of the profiles using the Remove icon (1), then press the select all button (2). Once you’ve selected one or more profiles, the Remove button (3) will activate.
Profile Panel - functionalities and usage
After clicking the remove button on the main page, a container will appear, allowing you to complete the deletion
It displays the selected profiles as a reminder.
Click remove to apply the deletion.