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Syslog configuration on SonicWall

This article explain how to configure SonicWall to send log to SGBox using syslog protocol.


  • Must have GMS server or On-Prem Analytics server installed and configured.
  • Have an Address Object Created on the Firewall for SonicWall Analytics system.


  1. Navigate to Device|Log|Syslog
  2. Select Syslog Servers and Click on Add

3. Select the Name or IP address of the Syslog server from the dropdown.


4. Select Syslog Format as ‘Enhanced‘.

5.Click ‘OK’.

For more information on how to SGBox integrates with SonicWall firewalls providing event classes, dashboards and reports that will let customers to have a complete picture of what is going on their SonicWall installation, click here.