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Detailed data collection and interpretation

The Log Management module can manage logs of events related to the security of any device.

By adding sources, the Log Management module automatically collects and classifies information to provide a clear overview of each organization’s security.

The log is stored, encrypted and signed to ensure data integrity and comply with the main regulations.

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What are the Log?

Logs are sequential and chronological records of operations performed by a computer system.

Thanks to an ultra-performing log management engine, SGBox can collect a large amount of events from numerous computer security solutions (NIDS, firewalls, AV, network devices, etc.), web application attacks, and Breach data attempts that can be displayed in a dynamic dashboard to facilitate surveys.

The advantages of Log Management

The collected information are shown into useful dashboards to the users, who doesn’t need to learn complex query languages or make scripts to access his data. 

The users can analyze events in real time or accessing the historical data, taking advantage of a very fast and effective data management without limitations on the amount of volumes.

Uncommon simplicity

Powerfully designed and intuitive log aggregation, tagging, filtering, and searching for effective troubleshooting. Drill-down events, starting from an overview of historical data by entering in detail to analyze the single event.

Data integrity

Strong encryption with asymmetric keys are used to grant efficient log encryption of stored data. Timestamp and sign are used to certify the integrity of data. Unlimited data volume can be stored without time limitations.

Unlimited log format

SGBox is able to collect any kind of log data format. In case of unknown log formats, such as custom application, is simple to generate the appropriate patterns to recognize all the security events.

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