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IT and OT resource protection

In the manufacturing sector, the convergence between Operational Technology (OT) and Information Technology (IT) leads to the generation of an increasingly number of production data, with a consequent growth of the cyber attack surface.

 As the interconnection of devices and systems increases, cyber threats are increasing.

Cyber attacks can cause serious damage to manufacturing companies, disrupting business continuity, compromising intellectual property, and damaging reputation.

In order to protect data and ensure business continuity, it is critical to adopt a reliable cybersecurity platform.

SGBox protects data and devices

The SGBox platform can protect all sensitive data and production device information by monitoring potential threats and automatically intervening in the event of attacks.

Protection of networks

The SGBox platform monitors and protects corporate networks from unauthorized access. Through advanced intrusion detection and access management systems, it can prevent hackers from penetrating networks and compromising sensitive data.

Devices security

Attackers often target connected devices, such as iIoT sensors and industrial robots. SGBox can implement protection measures for devices, ensuring they are adequately protected from malware, unauthorized access or unwanted manipulation.

Data encryption

Data encryption is essential to protect confidential information. SGBox offers advanced encryption solutions to protect sensitive data during the transfer, storage and processing of all security information.

Types of cyber attacks in the manufacturing sector

Phishing e Social Engineering

Attackers can send misleading emails or messages to gain login credentials or to trick users into revealing sensitive information.

Malware e ransomware

These malicious programs can infect computer systems and encrypt data, demanding a ransom for restoring file access.

Zero-day attacks

These attacks exploit previously unknown security flaws. Attackers exploit these vulnerabilities to infiltrate systems and compromise data.

Attacks on the Supply Chain

Attackers can target manufacturing companies through their supply chain, introducing compromised components or software.

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The advantages of using SGBox

Protectio  of company data
Protectio of company data
SGBox protects sensitive data, reducing the risk of breaches and financial damages.
Business continuity
Business continuity
It helps to prevent business interruptions and ensures trouble-free business continuity.
Security of intellectual property
Security of intellectual property
In the manufacturing sector, intellectual property is a fundamental asset. SGBox can protect confidential information and trade secrets from unauthorized access or data leak.
Compliance with regulations
Compliance with regulations
Manufacturing companies must comply with specific rules and regulations. SGBox can help you meet compliance requirements and adopt best practices in data security.