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New version 6.0.0 of SGBox Platform

New SGBox Platform release

New SGBox release

The SGBox Platform, with the release of version 6.0.0, introduces new features that enhance the functionalities offered by its various modules.

What is the goal of the new version?

The new release has been developed with one major objective: to further improve the user experience.

With the increasing frequency and intensity of cyber-attacks, it is essential to have an easy-to-implement solution that provides immediate and accurate information for responding to threats.

Thanks to a new, more intuitive interface that further simplifies the reading of information and new reporting capabilities, it will be even easier to fully exploit the potential of SGBox modules and obtain an immediate and detailed overview of the security status of your IT infrastructure.

Below, we explore the new features in detail:

Graphical and Functional Redesign of All SCM (Security Control Management), LM (Log Management), and LCE (Log Correlation Engine) Module Pages. For the LCE module, the update applies only to pages displaying the list of rules and sensors.

  • RS (Report System) Custom Reports

– Custom Reports replace the old multi-class report models.

– Saving a multi-class saves a Custom Report that becomes accessible in the Report System catalog.

– Effects on dashboards and packages: existing dashboards and packages linked to templates will continue to function. Templates related to dashboards and packages will now be converted into Custom Reports.

  • Report System

– You can choose whether to manage a tenant’s reports centrally from the master or independently within the tenant.

– Selecting the local option will exclude the selected tenant from centralized management, allowing them to manage their own reports autonomously.

– Email Notifications: it is now possible to set one or more email addresses to be notified when a report is generated.

– Report Retention Period: this option determines how long generated reports will be retained in the archive before being deleted.

  • Log Management (LM) / Report System (RS) Section

Scheduled reports, after installation, are automatically converted into new scheduled reports in the Report System, visible in the Report Schedule section.

  • New Package Export Page

Compared to before, this page is easier to use and allows you to select all the elements you want to include in the package in just a few steps.

The new version provides a more immediate and detailed overview of the installed package elements. Additionally, it offers the ability to modify an existing package in a few simple steps without the risk of losing components.

For more details on packages, click here.


Any CSV report scheduled by LM (Log Management) will now be stored, in web format, into RS archive. CSV can then be obtained by clicking on the csv icon of any of the report’s tables.

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