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What is NIS2?

The Network and Information Security Directive (NIS2) is a European law that focuses on cybersecurity and the resilience of critical infrastructures and digital service providers.

Its introduction was motivated by the increase in cyber threats and the growing dependence on digital technologies in all critical sectors.

The NIS2 Directive is an important step towards more regulation of cyber security across the European Union and will have to be transposed into national law by Member States.

The obligations will become fully applicable from the day following the date set for the transposition of the Directive by the Member States, set for 17 October 2024.

How SGBox supports NIS2 Compliance

The SGBox Platform combines SIEM and SOAR capabilities for the collection, correlation, analysis, management, and automation of incident and anomaly response tasks to elevate the security posture of enterprise IT infrastructures.

Here are the main features that SGBox offers for Compliance with the NIS2 Directive: 

Data Protection

SGBox collects and makes the data protected and immutable through encryption and time stamping.

Information Management

Efficient management of security information to detect a potential threat in a timely manner.

Automatic response to attacks

Automation of tasks reduces the average response time to attacks and incidents.

Incident Management

Effective incident management lays the foundations for restoring business continuity and restoring services.

What are the key points of the NIS2 Directive?

The recent NIS2 Directive aims to enhance resilience and response to cyber incidents in both the public and private sectors. This legislation focuses specifically on the fight against cybercrime and on the increase in cybersecurity management practices at European and national level.

Is NIS2 mandatory?

Yes, the NIS2 Directive is mandatory for organizations operating in critical and essential areas within the European Union. The NIS2 Directive introduces new cyber security obligations for a large pool of businesses, including essential services such as energy, transport, health, public administration and digital infrastructure. Obligations include governance, risk management, incident reporting and certification of aspects that not only affect companies directly but also their suppliers.

To whom does the NIS2 Directive apply?

The scope of the NIS 2 Directive involves all organisations, including companies and suppliers, which play a crucial role in supporting the European economy and society by providing essential or important services. If your organization belongs to one of the above categories and meets the criteria of having over 50 employees and a turnover exceeding 10 million euros, adherence to the NIS 2 directive becomes mandatory.

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