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What is User Behavior Analytics?

User Behavior Analytics (UBA) is a function that tracks and collects information about user behavior using advanced monitoring systems.

After creating a behavioral profile using proprietary algorithms, SGBox UBA provides historical data analysis to detect potential suspicious activity that deviates from normal user behavior.

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The functioning of User Behavior Analytics

The application learns about each user and creates a baseline of regular activities for each user and entity.

Any activity that deviates from this baseline gets flagged as an anomaly.

The UBA can identify user accounts taken over by attackers, because they exhibit anomalous behavior compared to the real business user.

Identify privileged account abuse

UBA can help monitor accounts with administrative or escalated privileges, to ensure they are not being misused, either by their designated owner or by others. Privileged account issues include policy violations or neglectful acts which are not full blown attacks, but can have damaging results.

Accelerate Threat Unting

Rapidly identify anomalous entities without human analysis. Receive notification when there is an unusual volume of events.

User Related Risk

User behavior can be associated to a risk categories not only on its volume. A set of dedicated widgets show, through trend indicators, the risk associated to users.

Quick Implementation

Quickness and ease of use. No advanced configuration needed because the SGBox UBA automatically checks for all different situations starting from events.

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