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Continuity of energy services

In the utilities sector, IT security is crucial to ensure the proper functioning of critical infrastructure, such as grids and distribution systems for electricity, gas or water.

In recent years, the process of digitalization in the energy sector is optimizing the way to manage energy distribution on a global scale, with a view to balancing supply and demand.

In this context of transformation, the key technology for storing, managing and using data necessary for the operation of the Energy sector has increasingly become the Cloud, which offers several advantages in terms of accessibility.

On the other hand, the cyber danger is increasingly growing: the dependence of utilities and other operators on data traveling across the network is now known to cybercriminals.

SGBox for IT security in the Utilities sector

The SGBox platform, through the potential of SIEM and SOAR, is able to proactively detect potential threats and intervene automatically before the attack occurs, significantly reducing remediation time.

Networks monitoring

SGBox can constantly monitor distribution networks and connected devices to detect abnormal behavior or potential intrusions. This allows you to quickly identify threats and take mitigation measures.

Access management

Utilities infrastructure must restrict access only to authorized personnel. The SGBox platform can implement advanced access controls, such as multi-factor authentication and centralized credential management.

Internal threats detection

Cyber attacks in the utilities sector can also come from people within the organization. SGBox can monitor internal user activities to identify potential suspicious behavior or privileged abuse.

Protection of communications

Utilities often depend on critical communication systems for infrastructure control and management. SGBox can encrypt communications and protect transmission channels to prevent eavesdropping or unwanted manipulation.

Types of cyber attacks in the Utilities sector

Ransomware attacks

Attackers can target utilities with ransomware attacks, encrypting data, or blocking critical systems and demanding a ransom to restore access.

Attacks on the supply chain

Attackers can infiltrate utilities networks through trusted vendors or partners, introducing malware or compromising systems.

Manipulation of infrastructure

Attackers can try to manipulate utilities infrastructure, such as industrial control systems (ICS) or power distribution networks, to cause damage or disruption of services.

Physical attacks

Utilities infrastructure can be vulnerable to physical attacks, such as device manipulation or unauthorized access to facilities or service stations. SGBox detects and prevents such attacks.

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Advantages of using SGBox platform

Services continuity
Services continuity
SGBox ensures the continuity of essential services, avoiding interruptions in the supply of energy, gas or water and minimizing the impact on users.
Protection of critical infrastructure
Protection of critical infrastructure
SGBox protects critical infrastructure from internal and external threats, reducing the risk of unwanted manipulation or disruption.
Customers trust
Customers trust
IT security in the utilities sector demonstrates a commitment to the protection of sensitive data and the continuity of services, helping to preserve the trust of customers and public opinion.
Compliance with regulations
Compliance with regulations
Utilities must comply with specific regulations and regulations regarding security and data protection. A cybersecurity platform helps meet these complex regulatory requirements.